Crazy Delinquents and Shit Scans
Chapter 130

Chapter 130
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Sorry we took so long.

I just want to say thank you so very much for your efforts in translating rokudenashi blues. It has quickly become one of my favorite mangas to read. I hope you continue fighting the good fight. :D

Thanks. I appreciate it. I’ll release more as soon as I can…things have been difficult for everyone over here.

Chapter 129

Chapter 129 -

Sorry to keep you all waiting! Finally we get our conclusion to Maeda’s crisis of confidence. What’s he going to do after all? Read the chapter and find out!

You're a hero for translating Rokudenashi Blues.

Thanks. I appreciate the support.

Just to let ya know. Im sure lots of people read your translation and they like it. It's just that they didnt express it by talking or making post about it. Im sure they appreciate your efforts. I know I do man :D Rokudenashi Blues is like my first manga which has translated Kansai accent which is cool for me. Stay cool.

Thanks! (Also, yeah, translating the Kansai accent is the hardest part, but probably the most rewarding.)

Thank you for translating the manga!!!!! And you're actually 'active' on tubmlr :D

Thank you for reading the manga, and reblogging my work! (Seriously you don’t know how happy that makes me.)

What was your first manga? Also, Do you have a favorite chapter or part from the manga?

My first manga in general was Yu-Gi-Oh, unsurprisingly. The first that I ever read all the way through I think was Bleach. (I was reading it from the beginning up to current until about 2008.) 

My favorite part of RokuBuru is probably the upcoming arc, but the first arc with the cheer squad vs. the boxing club also sticks out. There’s a lot of little arcs that I really like, actually. I think my favorite of those is the one where Maeda’s dad tries to make Fujio get married, and then they all beat up yakuza together. Too many to choose from!

I have a dumb question that's probably been answered somewhere, but I am dumb. Are you going by the tankobon or bunkoban version? And since I'm here, thanks for all your hard work!

Thank you. No, it hasn’t been. I’m going by the original tankobon version, mostly because that’s what’s available (although the web raws were at some point missing pages.)

Volume 13 + Chapter 128!

Chapter 128 -
Volume 13 -

Yes, it’s a double release! Just to remind you all that we’re still kicking. I’ve fixed some things in volume 13 and made it nice for you, and a new chapter’s here with some kickass boxing. Enjoy!

Chapter 127

Chapter 127 -

Hey, everyone, new chapter’s here! Get it while it’s hot! Or don’t. That’s cool too. This one marks the end of volume 13, so soon there’ll be a collected version out (depends on how much time I have.) So get excited, because volume 14 kicks off one of the best story arcs in the series!